G Fit

Happy Thursday!

I miraculously woke up today with my first alarm, not the tenth time I hit snooze like I have been for the past 6 months!  I don’t know why I woke up with such a spring in my step but I was ready to leave for school at 6:34.  6:34!!

I stopped and picked up an iced coffee on the way (French Vanilla with skim milk, no sugar) and proceeded to procrastinate cleaning my desk until I had to do door duty at 8:20.

Breakfast was a waffle sandwich made with 2 Van’s whole wheat waffles, some super chunky peanut butter (teddie’s brand), and a half a banana.  I ate the other half of the banana after I finished my waffle-wich.

I also snacked on some strawberries after lunch.  They have been on sale the past  few weeks and I buy two containers every time I go grocery shopping. I ain’t sick of them yet 😉

Today I also had the pleasure of going to the dentist.  Ya know, nothing gives me diarrea of the mouth the way seeing a dentist does.  In the first 5 minutes I had explained why I haven’t flossed regularly for the past 6 months, apologized for downing several pieces of chocolate as I walked my from car to the office, and gave her my tentative plans for summer vacation.  I think this is partly due t the fact that it is hard to talk while your teeth are being cleaned, and there just isn’t enough time to make excuses while you are rinsing.  When all was said and done, this girl had no cavities and a sweet sample-sized toothpaste and new toothbrush!

When I got back into my car it was around 3:00 and I needed to have a small snack to hold me over until after Crossfit tonight.  Tonights class is called “Kettle bells, abs, and more” and even though I really, really dislike kettle bells, I really, really like this class.  I woke up today with no aches and pains so once I am fueled up I will be ready to go.

Fuel today was something new I picked up at Walgreens this morning: G series Fit

I got the cinnamon flax flavor.  It comes in a pack with 4 individually sectioned pieces so you can choose how much to eat pre-workout.  I had two.  They weren’t bad and tasted very similar to a Larabar.

The odd part was this white paper on the top and bottom of each piece.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to eat it or take it off.  I went the safe route and ate the first one with it on and the second with it off.  It dissolved in my mouth and tasted like nothing.

Turns out, the site explains that the white paper is edible potato paper that they use to prevent your fingers from getting sticky.  Who knew?

Right now I am kinda hungry again.  Next time I will stick to my Clif bars.

It is really funny how the end of the week really makes my body want to become one with the couch.  Even with the sun shining out of my window, the thought of moving is unbearable!

I can do anything for an hour…even kettle bells!

Do you have any mantras that get you through the day?



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