Holding My Own

Tonight I did not feel like going to Avalon Crossfit one bit.  I actually didn’t even change until 5:15, and I am usually already there at that time.  They are very punctual and start class right at 5:30, not a minute sooner or later.  Tonight’s class “Kettle Bells, Abs, and MORE!” wasn’t full at all: just three guys and me 🙂  You will be happy to know I held my own with those guys.  

Warm up was something a little different, which I liked. Variety is always good!

Warm UP

  • 75 jump rope singles
  • 15 tuck jumps
  • 10 weird stretches lying on the floor (they were way to weird to describe)
  • 10 “supermans”
Two rounds total.
Marc set us up with an insane workout that involved yet more KB swings.  That is FOUR days in a row that KB swings have been in my routine.  I am sick of them because they are so gosh darn hard!
Linear Tabata– 8 rounds/ 20 sec. on with 10 sec. break
  • KB swings (12kg)
  • burpees/mountain climbers
  • KB transfers (12kg for 6 rounds, 8kg for 3)
  • air squats
  • sumo squat high pulls
  • ab mat sit ups
  • goblet squats
  • leg raises
We had 1 min rest for first 4 rounds, but for the last 4 rounds, Marc cut out one exercise and shortened the break to 30 seconds.  Man was it intense.  8 rounds can seem really long (especially when you are only on round 1) so I liked that Marc substituted some exercises each round.
I felt amazing after and since I had promised myself pizza and wine if I went to class, I went to Regina’s for take-out.
I got a large pizza: half pepperoni (for Jack) and half green pepper (for me).  I had two slices with some of Jack’s pepperoni and tons of crushed red pepper.
I also had a garden salad with peppercorn ranch (that I may have also dipped my crust in) and a glass of Reisling.
Perfect. Night.
And tomorrow is FINALLY Friday!
What does your perfect night consist of?  Pizza pretty much makes any day in my world 🙂

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