It’s Friday, Friday….

“Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend..”

That song was AH-mazing on Glee Tuesday.  I can’t believe how decent they made the song that has gotten Rebecca Black such criticism!  I mean, it’s still not a good song by any means, but it was a fun way to kick off prom, no?

I began my Friday by immediately turning my alarm off and then by proceeding to push the time I can stay in bed to 6:40.  That is an all time late and I can’t believe it took me until May to take it that far!

Lucky for you (and thanks to my cool new iphone) I was able to take lots of food pics today.  Using the phone I can email them and post them much easier than getting out my camera cord and such!  Just in case you weren’t sure: I do NOT document everything I eat, just what I feel like taking pictures of during the day.

First stop was Dunk’s for an iced coffee.

Second stop was Luberto’s for a warm, fresh-from-the-oven blueberry muffin.  The sugar on top added a sweet and pleasant crunch to every bite.

Lunch was left over pizza.

See the water in the background?  It has been on my desk, unopened all week.  Some days I don’t drink anything but a coffee in the morning and water at Crossfit.  I know how important drinking water is but I just hate peeing all day and night!

Mid-moring Ali texted and asked if I’d like to go for a run when she got out of work.  I wasn’t planning on running today (or doing anything for that matter) but the sun is actually out AND I am running a half marathon in two weeks.  I guess a run at some point before then wouldn’t be such a bad idea.   Also knowing that I will be having a few drinks tonight while we play trivia with other Avalon Crossfit members gives me some motivation to run before I drink.

When I got home I immediately tried to hydrate but pouring a big ol’ glass of purple G2 Gatorade.

I also dogged a Go Lean Crunchy! protein bar.  The chocolate peanut flavor is bomb.  I think I could eat 10 of them in one sitting!

After the run I am going to shower up and head to the Charlestown Lacrosse fundraiser.  Like I said, I am volunteering to be on a trivia team to help Avalon Crossfit kick some butt.  I hope all they ask questions about is pop culture 🙂

Tomorrow I am volunteering for my first race!




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