What up Wednesday?

What up Wednesday?  I am so glad you are over, but before I get to you I got to revisit Tuesday.

Yesterday I woke up to more rain and my toe was still sore.  I can’t believe that I kicked the couch and hurt my toe so bad I had to wear flip-flops to school.  I was slow-moving I’ll tell ya!  My day was pretty uneventful because all I did was work and come home.  No Crossfit, no nothing.  In a way the rainy week and stupid toe situation worked out perfectly.  Who wants to go back out into the cold and rain after they finally got home and warmed up?

The highlight of my Tuesday afternoon (knowing I had time to kill until Glee) was picking up Chelsea Handler’s new book, “Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me”.  I also got a grande skinny vanilla latte.  I have read her other 2 and 1/2 books (the half was “Chelsea, Chelsea Bang Bang which I could NOT finish!) and they were a huge source of amusement for many friends and family.  I have been DYING for this new book to come out!

Amazon.com describes the author(s) of the book:

“Friends, family members, and co-workers of Chelsea Handler, who are happy to write a new book for Chelsea to promote since she’s feeling too lazy to write one herself.”

It is a collection of stories about the shenanigans and pranks Chelsea has pulled on her unassuming family and friends.  I have read the first two chapters and they (especially the second one) are so funny!  I can’t wait to read the rest!

Basically my Tuesday night was spent reading and Gleeing.  I won’t talk too much about the episode, in case you didn’t see it yet, but I will say that I was sobbing at one point!  Sue Sylvester’s softer side was nice to see for a change.

What did you think of last night’s episode?  Anyone else ball your eyes out??


Today I was happy to wake up to realize that I could wear shoes again!  The toe still feels a little tender, and at this point I may be acting a bit dramatic, but I am running Harpoon’s 5 Miler on Sunday and I really want it to feel 100% by then!

Lunch today was left overs from diner last night:  BBQ chicken and long-grain wild rice.  It was actually better cold the second day than it was last night!

After getting home from school I prepped dinner quickly and changed for Avalon Crossfit.  Tonight I wore one of my new Sweaty Bands.  I really liked the blue with pink polka-dots and how it was thicker than the others.  It actually kept all of the hair out of my face.  I love all the Sweaty Bands but if I am to ever buy more I will definitely be buying the thick band!

I loved two things most about tonight’s Avalon Crossfit class.

1) They moved John’s class from 6:30 to 6 p.m.  I love going a half hour early and getting out a half hour earlier.

2) Modifications!  While modifications are always suggested and demonstrated, it seems like Avalon Crossfit is really making an effort to help us all listen to our bodies and know all the options available to us.  They have posted a list of modifications for anyone who feels like they need them.  This came in perfectly for me tonight because I wasn’t sure how my toe would react to burpees (the thought of jumping out and landing on the tips of my toes was not appealing).


4 x15 ring rows

4 x 15 thrusters (45lbs)

I only had time to do 3 sets.  The thrusters were challenging for me because my wrists aren’t super flexible and holding the bar in the way we have to makes them sore!  I was happy I could get through 3 sets of the thrusters with a 45 lb bar but kind of wish I would tried the prescribed 65lb for women.

WOD: “Meaghan” modified

*Note- I did this last week “regular” and today with modifications for my toes.  I think my time of 6 minutes-ish was the same

21-15-9 reps

  • push-ups
  • air squats
  • kettle bell swings (16kg)
  • jump rope singles (63-45-27)

I am glad I made it to class tonight.  I am the kind of person who could use the weather and a small injury as an excuse to take a while off from working out.  The problem with that is that I really do enjoy it, and it keeps me sane.  I also like to keep in routine and feel like I am missing something when I don’t go.  Everyone was sore today from Monday’s WOD and I was jealous!  Remember back in high school when you stayed home sick and would have to call your friend that night to see what you missed?  Same feeling!

Dinner tonight was home-made mac & cheese made with 8oz Velveeta Cheese (I’m a classy lady) and some cubes of pepper jack.  On top I crumbled a few Ritz crackers.  Super quick and easy.

I am also drinking a mock-tail because I have no wine in the house.  Wine makes the most sense on a Wednesday because it really gets you over the hump.  Tonight I went for blueberry seltzer water, in a wine glass of course!

What book are you currently reading??  As summer gets closer I am trying to build up my book list!




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