Harpoon 2011

Good morning peeps!

I woke up a lot earlier than normal today so I have the luxury to post before I leave for school.  It would be great if I could get up in time to do this every day, and while it may be a possibility this summer, or maybe even next school year, it is just a random occurrance for this year.

Breakfast today is a Van’s waffle sandwich with chunky peanut butter and a half a banana.  I had run out of waffles and was eating bagels for breakfast until today.  I enjoy bagels on special occassions like staff breakfasts or on vacation but I don’t personally care for them every morning so I am happy I stocked up on waffles.

I don’t eat breakfast until I have my coffee and settled myself into school for the day.

On Sunday I ran the Harpoon 5-Miler to benefit the Angel Fund.  It was a few weeks earlier than it had been in the past.  They actually changed the first-come-first-register policy that had me scrambling like a lunatic to get to a computer when registration opened to try to get a spot (the same process that you go through when trying to get concert tickets).  Last year I actually got put on the wait list and eventually ended up getting a number. PHEW.  This year registration was a lottery and they encouraged groups of friends to sign up as 6-packs (get it).  I liked this idea because it really encouraged teams to create names (and t-shirts/costumes).  Our team was split into three 6-packs and we were the “Ultimate Beer Runners”.  I got shirts printed up by my friend Bodner and they came out awesome!  You can design the shirts online and he will print them!  Check his company out here.

Before heading to the race I laid out all my stuff the night before to be sure I was all set to go in the morning.  I packed flip flops (which I didn’t end up bringing), my number, my t-shirt, etc.  I also ate a blueberry Clif Bar for breakfast.

My number was 3909.

When we met everyone at the brewery I gave shirts out and we headed out 0.25 mies to the start line.  There were so many people we actually started behind the “walkers” sign.  Good thing timing began when you crossed that “start” line (not that I wasn’t running for time or anything, I actually didn’t wear my Garmin).  I ended up finishing in just about 46ish minutes, which put me in a really good mindset for next Sunday’s race.  I felt great running, though I wish I had used the bathroom before beginning the run.  Mo and I kept pace together and chatted the whole time, which seemed to make the time pass much faster.  We actually ended up missing the first water stop because we weren’t paying attention!

After crossing the finish line and finding our teammates we headed to the beer line.  Every runner got 2 free beer tickets with registration, and if you are a friend of Harpoon (which I am) you get an extra beer.

I had a few Harpoon Whites through the course of the day.

I also ate a TON of Cape Cod chip samples.  The salt and vinegar are sooooo good that I actually bought a bag yesterday to bring with my lunch for the week.  Good marketing Cape Cod Chips 😉

Though it got quite chilly once the sweat started drying and the sun went in I hung out with Amy and Mo for a couple of hours post-race.

I left the brewery around 1 and when I got home I was DYING to take a nap.  I had woken up with a headache that played hide and seek on me throughout the whole race.  I drank a ton of water before lying down and it seemed to help.  When I woke up (headache free) Jack surprised me with a pizza from Santarpios.  It is no Reginas but it hit the spot.  I actually was SO hungry I had 4 slices.

Today is going to be 80 degrees and I am thinking that means Bootcamp will be held outside.  I am actually wearing a dress to work today because I have a feeling my classroom is going to feel very sticky.  My hair is actually already frizzing.

Happy Tuesday!



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