Getting Right Back At It

Last week I took the entire week off of physical activity.  I gave my body the rest it definitely needed.  Even though my training for the Half didn’t incorporate as much running as it should have, I have been going to Avalon Crossfit 4-5 times a week for the past couple of months.  I love Crossfit but since I enjoyed the people just as much as the classes I found it to me more enjoyable than running.

FYI- the Half may have rekindled my love for running.

Regardless, after only a week off (and being able to go home from work and stay home from work and not eat dinner at 9:00 at night) I was both itchy to get back right back at it and wishing I could have “one more day” when I showed up to last night’s class.  Ever have that feeling?  But I know myself though and “one more day” would’ve been two more days and then another week.  I have been a gym-lover for about two years now and I haven’t always (and still don’t) love exercise all the time.  But it makes me feel strong and confident and happy so a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

Last night I headed to John’s 6pm Avalon Crossfit class.  It was bound to be my triumphant return right? 😉

We started with strength which was 5 rounds of 5 reps:

  • front squat (Ali and I shared a bar, began with 45lbs and built up to 65lbs)
  • ring dips
  • GHD back extensions with 25lb plate
I finished about 4 rounds in the time given for the strength portion.  I had a really hard time with my left wrist and elbow.  They make me lopsided when I try to balance the bar for the front squat.  John who always knows what’s up helped me with some stretches to make my left wrist more flexible and showed me how to modify my front squat form.
Our WOD was outside:
Navy Seal WOD:
50 burpees
75 flutterkicks (4 count = 1)
100 push ups
150 sit-ups
It was pretty tough.  Actually I had been thinking about the burpees since the WOD was posted on their blog the night before.  Ali and I chose the slow and steady route and we did 5 rounds of 10 burpees with little breaks.  Flutterkicks I did a crazy assorment of 10, 15, 10, get it, I did whatever I had to do to get done!
Push ups were another story.  I started with my first 10 doing chest to ground but my arms soon tired. When I told John of my troubles he explained that if you are having tired arms it is because you are placing too much pressure on your fingers.  Proper push up position has equal balance through the palms and fingertips and you should be using your toes to help balance so you feel can kind of feel it in your abs.  Who knew?  Certainly not me, and even with his tips I still found it hard to get through 100 of the things!
Results:  finished in 23:10 and got progressively more sore through my abs, arms, and chest as today wore on.
Tonight Ali met me at my house to change and we headed for Tristan’s bootcamp class.  I feel like I haven’t taken a class of his in waayyyyy too long.  I really enjoy his classes because he is always challenging and usually I can take on any challenge he throws my way.  Class was tougher than I can ever remember today, not necessarily because of the workout itself though.
  1. I didn’t hydrate enough, especially to be working out outside
  2. I didn’t have a Clif bar pre-Crossfit.  These are my go-to energy bars.
  • windmills (frontwards and backwards)
  • self huggers
  • 10 air squats
  • 20 jumping jacks
Bootcamp for 5 rounds:
  • 10 ledge dips (I modified by bending my knees)
  • 20 kettle bell swings with 12kg
  • 30 ledge jumps
  • 40 walking lunges on track
  • run the rest of the track
The ledge jumps were pretty brutal I am not going to lie.  I think partly this was because they came after the kettle bells swings, but also partly because my legs have been out of commission for a week.  I tried the slow and steady route for as long as I could then just trucked through.
The running after doing ledge jumps and walking lunges was a small form of tourture.  My legs were like J-E-L-L-O when I started running each time and took until halfway through the lap to recover.  At one point I asked a little kids if I could borrow his bike.  I was mostly kidding 😉 but he said no anyway.
It felt SO. GOOD. to be done and Ali and I took a slow walk around the track before joining Tristan and the others for some partner stretching, which felt oh so good and oh so bad at the same time.
I am pretty tired and sore all over the place right now.  Tomorrow it is forcasted to be hot and humid, and I think the WOD is outdoors.  My game plan is to hydrate tonight, eat a Clif bar at 4:30, and brave the heat for tomorrow night’s class 6pm class with John.
Right now: dinner and Lady Gaga special on VH1.  I am currently loving her new album and feel like it may be the soundtrack to my summer!
How do you prep for a workout on a day that you know is going to be hot and humid?



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