Like a Virgin

Hey kids, happy summer!  Today is my first day of my summer vacation and I already did the first thing on my summer to-do list: slept until my body told me it was time to get up.  Waking up to an alarm (then hitting the snooze button every five minutes for a half hour) really bums me out so all I really wanted out of my first day of summer vacation was to wake up on my own.  Now, that may have been 7:00 a.m., but it was without an alarm nonetheless 🙂

Then I did something I haven’t done in two weeks: I went food shopping!  We literally had NO food in the house.  I mean, when the cans of fruit and mini bags of Doritos that Jack was living off of got scarce I knew it was time to go.  I stocked up on a whole bunch of fresh produce including a pint of blueberries that were on sale, strawberries, bananas, and a quarter of a seedless watermelon.

Food shopping at far less stressful than on a Sunday afternoon.  I even made it to Trader Joe’s to buy some whole wheat pizza dough for Pizza Monday and a bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

Have you ever tried this stuff?  It is only $2.99 a bottle and isn’t half bad!  I actually have only had the red wines but if the white is as good as that I will have a new go-to wine.  If not I can stick to the $2.99 red wines.  See, a win-win situation!

After food shopping I headed to Tristan’s 11am Avalon Crossfit class.  I love taking classes with Tristan but when I am in school I can’t make it to his afternoon classes.  This means I only take classes with him for bootcamp or when he is filling in for someone else.  Today’s class was different than the those other classes though.  First off, it was much smaller (I really heart small classes).  There were 4 of us (and I was the only girl).  With the class being so small I was able to really hoard Tristan’s attention and get him to answer every question I had.  It was just like the good old days when we did onboarding together 🙂

I got there before anyone else so we chatted about protein for fueling after a workout.  I just got a new Whey Protein powder today on trip to Trader Joe’s and wasn’t sure how much to put in a smoothie.  He said one scoop should be plenty because the purpose of the protein after a workout is to get protein digested as fast as possible after a workout.

Warm up was pretty straight forward: 3 rounds

  • 5 inchworms
  • 10 air squats
  • 15 jumping jacks
  • 5 x 5 front squat
  • 10 pull-ups (modified with a thick band around my knees)

Front squats are hard for me because I do not have the flexibility in my wrists that I need to correctly hold the bar across my shoulders.  One of my elbows (the right one) is always high than the other too which makes me lopsided.  I can squat like a champ though with a modification where I rest the bar across my shoulders and criss cross my arms to keep my elbows up and the bar in place.  I did my first set with just the 45lb bar, the second set with 65lbs, and the last three with 75lbs.

Pull ups were tough.  We were working on dead hang pull ups and using the thick band around my knee I could do 4 in a row (woop woop) but then it got so hard and I would have to do like 1 and 1/2 then take a break.

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps
  • Kettle bell swings (16kg)
  • push ups
  • ab mat sit ups

Today I was like a Crossfit virgin (sing it with me: “Crossfitting for the very first tiiiimmmeee”).  Let me explain:

When I started back in January I was so eager to improve and get stronger and faster.  Every class I really pushed myself.  I tried heavier weights and scaled down if needed.  I always started as close to prescribed as possible.  Somewhere over time though, I got lazier and didn’t push myself the way I should have.  I started with the lower weight kettlebells, did push-ups on my knees, underestimated what I was capable of.  Actually, I just went with the motions.

In Crossfit, however, they say something like “If you do the same thing you will get the same results”.  I want to get faster and stronger.  I needed a fresh start and a little pep talk from Tristan sure went a long way. We discussed the fact that I am kinda scared to be the last one finished and have been struggling to push myself because I don’t want to be the last one (even though I know it is a ridiculous thought). He sympathized with me, but explained that to get faster and stronger I need to go heavier and take longer (at first).  He encouraged me to not let finishing last hinder me from really progressing.  He strongly suggested always going for as close to prescribed as possible and said if I needed to drop weight or modify as I go to do so.  He encouraged pacing myself so I could move continuously through the WOD and take small rest breaks if necessary.  

No pain no gain I guess?!

My renewed Crossfit mantra: Go big or go home.

  • I went with the 16kg kettle bell and used it for the entire WOD.
  • I also did “real” pushups for the 21-18-15 reps, resting a little between then modified to my knees for the 12-9, and went back to “real”ones for 6-3.
  • Ab mat sit ups were a piece of cake 😉

I finished in 14:32 (or something like that), at least 4 full minutes after the guys.  I feel AMAZING.

My run to and from Crossfit totaled 2.25 miles and served as a great warm up pre-Crossfit and a form of post-workout torture on the way home.

Upon walking in my house I made myself a giant glass of chocolate milk and procrastinated doing anything else of my summer-to-do list.
Hey, I was off to a pretty good start 😉
When have you approached something you routinely do with new eyes?  What brought about the change?

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