A Brand New Look

Good morning! Everyone notice something different about the site? Yup! I gave myself a blog makeover, and the best part is that it was free 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, Ali and I were discussing blog related things and I had mentioned that the part of blogging I dislike the most is the uploading of pictures from my camera, into iphoto, then onto WordPress and into a post. It is so time consuming and for some reason it annoys me a lot. She suggested uploading and editing my photos into a free program called Picasa.

Yesterday I finally uploaded the program and got sucked into the wonders of photo editing for the entire afternoon! Oh boy this is going to change the way I post with pictures for sure!

I created a whole bunch of collages to make a header and it took me a while to get the size and layout right:

Too big!

Too small!

Typo. Can you spot it? (I spelled “quit” as “quite

Just right!

I also changed the theme of my page by using a free theme through Word Press. I think the blog is now clean and simple. I love it!

What do you think??

After spending my entire afternoon playing with Picasa, I was looking forward to a night out with coworkers to celebrate the retirement of our school’s beloved secretary, Miss Phyllis. Miss Phyllis is the BEST secretary a school could ask for. She knows the names, numbers, and family members of every student in the building. She will drop anything to fix the copier when it has a jam or is out of toner, and will make 90 copies of my kids math homework without complaining once. She is kind and caring and is going to be missed by the entire community. Miss Phyllis is truly irreplaceable.

The soiree was at the Winthrop Arms which is a restaurant/hotel that overlooks the ocean. It was a rainy night and the restaurant lounge was very comforting. It was a cozy spot for a party.

I had two glasses of wine over the course of the night.

A plate of appetizers help my appetite over until dinner.


The chicken limone was topped with melted cheese and asparagus and came with a couple roasted potatoes. I ate the potatoes and the cheesy asparagus off the to of the chicken. The food wasn’t bad but I sometimes do not enjoy chicken at restaurants.

Dessert was a scoop of vanilla ice cream and an unpictured piece of strawberry shortcake. Yum!

On today’s agenda is 11a.m. Crossfit class. The WOD calls for us to be outside so I am hoping the rain holds off.

See ya this afternoon!


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