A Caber Tossing Purple Iguana

Wow today flew by, huh? If only all Mondays could be like this one!

As you may know, today is Pizza Monday. I think the concept is catching on! Anyone else eat pizza on every day of the week Monday? Funny thing is that before I headed out to Crossfit, Jack asked where we’d be getting our pizza tonight. It took me a minute to remember it was Pizza Monday 😉 Thanks for the reminder love ❤

Before we headed to Regina’s, Ali and I met up at my place and headed to Avalon Crossfit. I did a little shopping today and was sporting some new workout duds: purple Nike Tempo shorts and a dri-fit shirt. I had never worked out in shorts but it was going to be so hot so I knew I needed to at least give it a shot. I really loved the shorts- they didn’t ride up in between the legs or give me a muffin top like many elastic waist shorts do! Ali told me I looked like a purple iguana, just the look I was going for 😉

The sneakers are my custom designed Nike Free shoes I ordered a couple of months ago. It took them six weeks to be delivered and I just started using them in Crossfit. They allow my feet to move more naturally because they are less structured than my running sneaker. I like them so far and will do a better write up when I’ve used them for a bit longer.

The 6 pm class was taught by John and it was packed! We got there right at 6 and they had already started with the warm up and strength portion of the class so I had to get right to work.

Warm Up: 3 rounds

  • 5 inchworms
  • 10 alternating lunges
  • 15 good mornings with a pvc pipe (these things make my hamstrings feel amazing!)
  • 5 x 5 deadlifts for max weight (Ali and I shared a bar and maxed at 105lbs I think?)
  • 5 x 10 ring push ups (holy hard!)
MetCon WOD for 4 rounds (the most fun one we have done EVER!)
  • Sprint to ledge
  • 20 ledge jumps
  • Sprint to turf
  • 20 Push ups
  • 20 Caber Toss

I felt really strong today during the WOD.  Part of the reason I believe is because of the lunch I had today with my dad: grilled chicken, rice, and corn.  I also had a cool mint Clif bar two hours before working out.  Usually I feel really hungry by the time I Crossfit and end up starved by the end, but not today!  I felt completely content and energized.

Anyway,  I felt like I dominated this WOD and finished at 23:15.

John gave me some more pointers on my push-ups when he saw me do a couple regular then modify them on my knees (even thought my goal is to do as close to prescribed as possible).  He said my core is definitely string enough so I should hold the plank position on the way down and quickly drop my knees on the way back up into a plank position.  Using this tip I did pushups faster than I think I ever have in Crossfit.  It felt great.

Oh, and I bet you are wondering about the Caber toss.  That was the fun part I mentioned above.  It was just so different than what we have ever done and really spiced out the WOD.

We obviously weren’t tossing trees in the air at the Charlestown track, but we used medicine balls and tossed them over the goal post. Each time it went over was one rep. If it didn’t make it over it didn’t count.

See, fun right!?

After dropping Ali off Jack and I headed to Regina’s for some patio seating and pizza.


Did you celebrate Pizza Monday?

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