Teacher, teacher

Monday, Monday….

How did you get here so fast?

As you know, I finished up school last Wednesday and had a lovely few days off where I slept in and learned some new dancing skills 😉 Well today I started my position as a writing teacher for the summer program held at my school. Teaching summer school is different than a regular school day because the group of kids is significantly smaller (10-15 in a group) and the day is shorter too! My regular school day runs Monday to Friday from 8:20-2:40, but summer school is generally Monday to Thursday 8:00-12:00. The program, which is 20 days, focuses on building reading and writing skills and preventing the “summer forgetfulness” that happens when children are out of school for the summer. It is all about filling in the gaps and giving students a good base to start the next school year with. I really enjoy working with a different grade level of kids for a short time. This year I will be working with second and third graders (who will be entering third and fourth grade in the fall) for 10 days of the program. Teaching the writing piece brings me back to my days before I found my love of teaching math!

Did you know I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher? When I was little I used to play school ALL THE TIME. I would dress up in my mom’s long skirts and heels and carry around a coffee mug filled with water. I would make my brother take made-up spelling tests and played “school” every Friday in elementary school. I mean, what kids do you know leave school and then pretend to be back in school when they get home? I often used milk crates to create desks in the spare bedroom in my house so I had my own “classroom”. I am fortunate in the sense that I just have always known what my perfect profession was. You know how what they say:

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

Here is a little background of my teaching career:

2004: Graduated from the University of Maine, Farmington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education
2004-2005: I taught grade 3 in Benton, Maine (I got offered a job before even graduating!)
2005: Returned to Massachusetts, began working in my school district as a permanent substitute in a grade 6 position
2006-2007: Taught 6th grade Reading and Social Studies
2006: Got my master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Literacy from Lesley University
2006-2010: Taught self-contained (meaning I taught all subjects) 4th grade
2009 (I think): Received my C.A.G.S (certificate of advanced graduate studies) in Mathematics Education through Lesley University
2010-2011: Taught 5th grade math

As you can see I’ve taught a variety of grade levels and subjects. To date my favorite position would be my fifth grade math position. The upper elementary grades allow me to maintain high expectations of students and develop more independent thinking skills while preparing them for middle school. Teaching math only allows me to prepare in-depth, quality lessons and gives me ample time to reflect and rework them when necessary. Math lessons are always on my mind!

What did you want to be when you “grew up”? Did you go with that career or find another that suited you better? Are you still in the process of finding what you want to do when you “grow up”?

Interestingly enough, even though the hours are shorter and the groups are smaller, I still can’t get up when my alarm goes off. I guess a downside to teaching summer school is that my body is in summer mode. Summer mode means I get easily sucked into watching hours of crappy Sunday night television on E! (Have you seen the Ice T show?!)

This morning I hit the snooze until about 7:00 and while I showered I popped two Van’s waffles in the toaster for a delicious waffle sandwich made with peanut butter and banana. Then I stopped at Dunk’s for a French Vanilla iced coffee.

Since I got out at noon I headed to my parent’s house to have lunch with my dad. I also went to the mall to pick up some warm-weather friendly running shorts and shirts. I got aocuple pair of Nike Tempo shorts and Dri fit shirts. Crossfit’s WOD is outside tonight and seems very different from what we have ever done!

I think a nap may now be in order 🙂

Catch ya later!

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