Sneaking in some Mileage

What a gorgeous Tuesday we had on our hands today didn’t we? When I got out of school today I headed home and immediately took a nap. My upper body was feeling those Caber tosses from yesterday’s workout. Good news is that I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take whatever workout Marc planned for our Sports Bootcamp class (I just figured out that is the “official” name for bootcamp on the registration site).

I had half a Clif bar about an hour before class (and ate the other half after class).

I also decided that since I had a little nap, I should run to and from Crossfit. It is only a little over a mile from my front door to theirs and serves as a great warm up before class. Of course, bootcamp was going to be outside (it wasn’t raining) and I knew we’d be running, but these mini-runs serve as a great way to sneak in some mileage each week.

Run (to and from)

  • about 60 minutes total (including at least a 25 minute talk break when I bumped into Ali on my run home and chatted on Medford St.)
  • 2.25 miles total

Bootcamp today was an original Croffit WOD (all of them are named after women).

WOD: Kelly, for 5 rounds, 32 minute time limit

  • 400m run
  • 30 wall balls (10lb ball)
  • 30 ledge jumps

The workout was killer. Marc told use we could modify as we thought we needed to be able to complete 5 full rounds in the time given. I did the first two rounds as prescribed, but I was struggling with catching my breath. For round three I modified to 20 wall balls and at four and five I modified the wall balls to 20 as well. These modifications were very necessary- I went at this WOD balls to the wall (no pun intended 😉 )

I finished my modified WOD with like 45 seconds to spare, and then had no energy to stretch after.

Did I mention I had to run home?  I ran a total of 4ish miles today.  See how I snuck that in?!  Clever right?

I was delighted to see Ali running on the other side of the street though I definitely disrupted her Fartlek fun (she was doing some speed work). The only part that neither of us thought out about our chatting: having to completely start our runs over! My body totally cooled down during my break and when I started running again my whole body hurt! Gah!

When I got home, Jack and I decided that we would use a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory and treat ourselves to dinner out. I promised him that at some point I would start cooking dinner again, but as of now we should continue eating out every night 🙂

I started dinner with a couple pieces of bread, a huge glass of water, and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I actually wasn’t very hungry so I ordered a garden salad served with balsamic vinegarette and fried zucchini sticks.

Right about now I could go for a huge brownie sundae and 12 hours of sleep. Since I don’t have brownies and ice cream, and I have to work at 8 am I am plain out of luck for this evening.

I will have to settle for some cookies instead.


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