To the Max

Hey, hey, hey 🙂  What’s up folks?  I haven’t posted in a while and the biggest problem with letting the time lapse so much between posts is that I have a hard time getting back at it.  I have had plenty to write about (this summer has been amazingly fun and busy), but every time I tried to sit and bang out a post I felt like I needed to catch you up on what I’ve been doing.

Actually, I started a zillion couple of posts that didn’t make it past the first few lines.  Then I realized the greatest thing about my blog. It’s mine! And (at the risk of sounding like a brat) that means I can write about what I want, when I want 🙂

Did you miss my face? 😉

Now that we have that straight (and I assume you are still willing to read), let’s move on shall we?

I spent last week in Maine with mi familia for like the 23rd year or so. I had a blast (per usual) and got a chance to brush up on my dance moves for Casey’s wedding which is a week from Saturday. I can still remember when she got engaged so I can’t even believe the wedding is so soon!

Ok, now let’s talk about my motivation to post tonight: Avalon Crossfit.

One of the main things I have been doing this summer is Crossfitting. I really, really wanted to get better at it and much like anything else: practice makes perfect. I have been trying to Crossfit 4-5 days a week and Bootcamp 1 time a week.

At the end of the school year I had a explained to Tristan that I wasn’t feeling like I was getting faster and stronger anymore. Truth was: I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough and I was scared of being dead last or not finishing a Workout of the Day (WOD).

His advice? Crossfit more often and go for RX WOD’s. (RX meaning as proscribed eg: using a 14kg medicine ball).  I love that he doesn’t let me make excuses for myself, he is very encouraging which is why i LOVE taking his classes.

And that is what I have been doing! My times have been slower and I may not finish every WOD (see below) but I am loving Crossfit more than ever because of my shift in attitude.

Warm-up: 3 rounds

  • 5 push ups
  • 10 pass throughs with PVC pipes
  • 10 mountain climbers

Strength: Chest Press for 1 rep max

  • 3 rounds of 5 reps: 55lbs
  • 3 rounds of 3 reps: 75lbs
  • 3 rounds of 1 rep: 85lbs (my max)
  • 1 rep failed: 90lbs

WOD: Kelly (modified to be indoors because of rain)
5 rounds

  • 30 ice skaters
  • 30 box jumps (20 inches, rx!)
  • 30 wall ball shots (14kg, rx!)
  • 30 double unders (modified with 90 singles)

Time: 30 minute cut-off
Completed: 4 rounds plus 30 ice skaters and 30 box jumps

*pat on the back*

It was tough like I knew it would be. My game plan was to pace myself while still pushing myself. I didn’t finish all 5 rounds but I felt way more accomplished than I would have if I had cut corners.

Hey, what doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger right?!

Have you ever found yourself cutting corners in a workout? What made you realize you were? How did you get your butt back in gear?

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