Some days you have it, some days you don’t

So, I got my ass handed to me at Crossfit tonight, but before I get into that let’s discuss what’s going on:

Today was my first day back at school. Tomorrow is my first day with kids. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because of these facts (and I probably won’t tonight either).

To make the most of the situation I am waking up to meet my friend Maureen for a run at 5:30. Running (or working out) with a friend on school mornings is one of my favorite ways to start the day, but I lost my motivation to wake up that early a long time ago. Tomorrow will be my first attempt in a long time to workout before school. Wish me luck!

This morning I headed to school around 6:45am to get some work done before my 9am teacher’s meeting. While I was being productive as I could be after a summer off, I munched on a waffle-pb-& banana sandwich and sipped a french vanilla iced coffee.

I only needed to be in school until 12:00 so I didn’t pack a snack, water, or a lunch. Bad idea. I was there putzing around until a little after 4. I was so hungry, but I figured I could eat my Clif bar (per usual) and be all set to go for class tonight. Boy was I wrong.

WOD: The Seven

7 rounds

  • 7 hand stand push ups (modified on 24 inch box)
  • 7 thrusters (65lbs, John wanted me to try more but I stuck with what I had)
  • 7 knees to elbows (I did them for real this time!)
  • 7 dead lifts (105lbs)
  • 7 burpees
  • 7 kettlebell swings (18kg)
  • 7 pull ups (banded)

Ya- crazy right? And I was the only girl in class.
Nothing about my workout tonight was RX (as proscribed) which was a bummer. I just didn’t have it in me. Not eating lunch really did not set me up for success. (SIDE NOTE: I NEVER skip meals!) John, the trainer, really encouraged me to amp up my workout by adding weight to my thrusters and adding more depth into my hand stand pushups, but I just couldn’t.

Some days you have it, some days you don’t.

After my third round I started to feel a little light headed and dizzy. Oddly enough, I also felt extremely tired. Like, yawning while I was doing pull ups tired. Weird? Not so much, you’ve got to give your body enough fuel and I most definitely did not.

I did 14 reps into my 4th set and stopped. Total time: 24 minutes-ish.

I sat, got water, and put my stuff away. John and I chatted for a sec about diet. He is a pretty smart guy and seemed to think I may need to eat differently to get more energy. He immediately knew I didn’t eat enough which is why I had such a hard time. That’s one thing I love about Avalon Crossfit, no shame needs to be felt over a bad night. All the trainers know so much that they give advice instead of passing judgement. Of course I was upset with myself for wasting such a good workout though.

I never really thought about my diet and how it could impact (good or bad) my progress at Crossfit. I really enjoy wine and chocolate and eating how much of what I want, when I want, but he got me thinking. He suggested the Zone diet and showed me and article to read over. I printed it out and plan to read it over before bed tonight. I am not necessarily looking to change things up in my diet, but I am not opposed to it either. This summer has taught me I have no real self control when it comes to tasty beverages, pizza, and sugar. I work hard at Crossfit and wold love to see some more results- maybe this could help me see some?

IDK- now I am rambling…..

I’ve got teeth to brush and a face to wash before I park my butt in bed. I really want to not be a flake and cancel on my early morning run so I need to start the falling asleep process by 9:00pm. At least that’s my goal.

Have you ever decided to change up your diet? What brought you to the decision to do so? What successful changes have you made?


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